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Can oxytetracycline cause liver damage? A total of three cases of reported tetracycline liver damage were found in the literature. The liver injury was designated as cholestatic, hepatocellular, and mixed, with similar frequencies. CONCLUSIONS: Low-dose, oral tetracyclines constitute a likely cause of acute liver damage with a variable biochemical profile.
How long is pneumonia contagious? How long is pneumonia contagious ? In general, many bacterial pneumonias are much less contagious after antibiotics have been administered for about 24-48 hours. However, this time period may vary for some organisms, like those that cause tuberculosis.
How long does it take to recover from pneumonia? But with walking pneumonia, a person may not feel it until 2 to 3 weeks after becoming infected. Most types of pneumonia clear up within a week or two, although a cough can linger for several weeks more. In severe cases, it may take longer to completely recover.
How does a doctor diagnose walking pneumonia? You doctor will listen to your chest with a stethoscope. She may also ask you to get a chest X-ray and a blood test. Another blood test can find an increase in certain immune substances called cold agglutinins. This test won't confirm that you have walking pneumonia, but it can suggest it.
Is it good to cough up phlegm with pneumonia? Common symptoms of pneumonia include: a cough – which may be dry, or produce thick yellow, green, brown or blood-stained mucus (phlegm) difficulty breathing – your breathing may be rapid and shallow, and you may feel breathless, even when resting. chest pain – which gets worse when breathing or coughing.
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